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The following items will need to be checked for safety and comfort Truck Spare Parts Cross Shaft before your student safely mounts their horse:-· fit and positioning ofthe bit· fit of the noseband,throatlatch and browband· stitching on thebridle including the reins, noseband and cheek pieces· check the reins forfraying, tears and damage· the position of thesaddle on the horse i.e., too far back, too far forward etc· the fit of the saddleon the horse· the fit of the saddlefor the rider· the positioning of thesaddle over the saddle cloth· the stitching on thegirth points· the condition of thegirth i.e., wear, damage, cleanliness· the stitching on thestirrup leathers· the stirrup leathersfor wear, tear or damage·
The width of thestirrup in comparison to the riders foot· the fit and standardof the riders helmet· the rider/studentattire· if the rider iswearing sunglasses they need to be shatter-proof· By the time you are aninstructor, you should be aware of rider and horse safety at all times. Goingthrough this checklist is a great place to start at the beginning of the lessonfor safety riding. Remember that when you are considering riding safety, horseand rider are both high priorities but the rider safety must come first.Please call us with any questions or concerns that you may have. We are staffed with highly knowledgeable employees and look forward to meeting your needs.
Highly trained customer service staff and state of the art technologies have made Mono Machines a preferred vendor for many federal and local government agencies as well as schools, churches and fortune 500 companies. Mono Machines is classified as a disadvantaged minority owned business and holds a GSA contract with the federal government.The company began as a Sole Proprietorship in 2006 with the vision of providing unmatched customer service while utilizing bleeding-edge web technologies for an unprecedented customer experience. Years of hard work and an unwavering commitment to customer service laid the foundation for what has become a multi-million dollar company. Beyond a meticulous approach to customer satisfaction, Mono Machines LLC has continued to grow and expand into new markets and continues to seek out new opportunities.
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