It is time to getthe bearings checked out

The wheel is probably one of the greatest Planetary Gears Manufacturers technological innovations that has driven the progress of our humancivilization. After the discovery of fire, wheel must surely rate as the nextbest. The techniques for reducing the friction between a wheel and its axlehave been evolving over the years as wheels developed from wooden carriage totoday's car wheels. Wheel bearing is the result of years of research, aimed atreducing the axle-wheel friction. They are devices which enable the wheels torotate. Through this Buzzle article, I present a rough estimate of averagereplacement cost, while also warning you about the causes that may lead to arapid wheel bearing wear and tear.
The average cost of replacing the bearings,irrespective of the car model and location is around $330.  Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost BreakdownQuoting one replacement estimate would bedifficult as it varies from car to car. Moreover, in one car, there are twotypes of bearings: one front and a rear bearing. So I will quote the overallcost range, irrespective of car model type or front/rare distinction. In thecourse of my research, as I went through the prices of new bearings, I realizedthat they can range anywhere from $50 to$200 for a single piece,depending on your car model. Since the bearings are usually replaced in pairs,the total cost for parts may double up to $100 to $400.
Thereplacement procedure is not that simple and about an hour of labor is involvedin replacement. The labor cost is usually $70 to$150. Ergo, the costof replacement, along with labor involved would be in the rangeof $170 to$550. For large trucks, the replacement cost may bump up tomore than a $1000. How Does a Car Wheel Bearing Work?Wheel bearings are car parts that bear thebrunt of friction between axle and the wheel, to enable smooth wheel rotation.Wheels rotate at a very rapid pace and if there wasn't for a bearing, it wouldbe a very bumpy ride indeed. They are a buffer between a metal to metal contactsurface, which prolongs the life of the axle and the wheel. Friction and heatare the bane of moving machine parts in contact with each other. A large partof design effort goes in to reducing this damaging friction through lubricationand buffers like bearings.
The bearing is a slotted disk with ball bearingsplaced inside, which roll and enable the movement of the wheel while reducingfriction. It's absolutely essential that you keep the bearing greased andrepacked regularly. They are like the bone cushioning between our knee jointsthat maintain smooth movement. The greasing job should be undertaken once every two years or after a 23,000 mile running of the vehicle. Since there are twopair of wheels (two front and two rear), this task is quadrupled. If you hear aroaring or screeching sound when the car wheels are rolling, it's time to getthe bearings checked out. Causes of Failure:The probability of wheel bearing failuredepends on the frequency of maintenance jobs and use of the vehicle. 
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