Manufacture Of High Quality Lead Die Casting


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  • The basic production factors of Lead Die Casting include die casting machine, die, die casting alloy, die casting structure and die casting process parameters. Every factor will influence the result of die casting production, and at the same time, it will influence and restrict each other, so we should understand these points, and make high-quality die castings.

    In the process of die casting production, choosing appropriate process parameters is the prerequisite for obtaining high-quality die castings and giving full play to the maximum production efficiency of die casting machines, and is the basis for correctly designing die casting dies. The important process in die casting production is the filling process of liquid metal, which is a process in which many factors work together. However, there are many factors that affect the filling of liquid metal, and these factors are mutually restricted. A slight change of one factor will affect the quality of die castings. Therefore, in the production process of lead die casting, the die casting process parameters must be strictly selected, controlled and adjusted to meet the needs of die casting production and produce qualified die castings.

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