The Ice Cream Showcase Cabinet Adopts High-quality Compressor

The Ice Cream Showcase Cabinet Adopts High-quality Compressor


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  • 1. The Ice Cream Showcase cabinet adopts high-quality compressor, and the computer controls the startup delay protection of compressor.

    2. Automatic defrosting control system, with ultra-short hot air defrosting time.

    3. The electric heating tube in the box is heated and defrosted twice, so as to eliminate the need for the machine to stop for defrosting, so that the machine can run for a long time without stopping to defrost and avoid the loss caused by customers' shutdown.

    4. The whole ice cream showcase cabinet adopts double evaporator refrigeration speed block, which has good heat preservation effect and slow cooling speed.

    5. Large arc surface electrothermal toughened demisting explosion-proof glass has good showcase effect.

    6. Double wind to ensure uniform temperature in front and back rows.

    7. The front glass can be opened from bottom to top for replenishment and cleaning.

    8. Using environment-friendly low-temperature R404a refrigerant, the refrigeration speed is fast, the temperature is low, and the freezing temperature is -18~-20℃.

    9. Various voltages and frequencies can be selected (110V/220V/380V.50HZ/60HZ)

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